P 300 GOLD

The machine P 300 GOLD is a high precision press for the vulcanization of silicone rubber moulds for the jewellery field.

This machine features innovative characteristics that ensure absolute precision, among which:

  • Automatic pressure stabilizing system
  • Maximum accuracy of temperature thanks to a digital dual thermoregulator
  • Digital gauge
  • Digital timer

Moreover, the P 300 GOLD vulcanizer is provided with a tempered glass window and an internal Led Strip to illuminate and check on the working area

Application Field 

  • Costume jewelry
  • Religious items
  • Microcasting and high-tech accessories
  • Sculptures and artistic microcasting in general

Other Technical Characteristics 

  • Maximum mould surface:  300 mm / 12 inches
  • Maximum clamping force: 3 000 kg
  • Installed power: 3 kW