Eva series

  • Assemble in India.
  • It’s a glass tube laser machine.
  • Process able material: Leather, Wood, Acrylic, MDF, Fabrics, Rubber.
  • Laser power: 40w/60w/80w/100w/130w/150w
  • Working area: 2’x1.5’ / 3’x2’ / 4’x3’ / 4’x8’
  • Machine is Provided with Foot-mounting legs so that there is no vibration in machine can be adjusted on zero level.
  • Machine is provided with heavy duty compressor which has Air-assist combining adjustable focus systems in coaxial jet air to prevent cutting edge from burning down
  • Laser cut software with window based software enhance cutting speed & angle / curve performance
  • Laser seals the edges of fabric while cutting
  • High quality of chiller unit for better performance and long life of laser tube

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